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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

We specialise in positive leadership and positive workplaces.

In our Emotional Intelligence training people always want the same things.  Leaders want their teams to be positive, motivated and happier.  Staff want to be appreciated for the strengths and skills they bring.  Overwhelmingly, people just want to have a more positive experience at work.

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Book Release

We are proud to announce the release of The Matilda Principle: Covert strategies for building positive teams in difficult environments, with negative people and stressful workloads by Brad Desmond.

The Matilda Principle offers a coaching approach that builds positive teams regardless of organisational culture. It builds trust, motivation and positivity without attracting attention and without rocking the boat. In other words, it is covert team building.

$25.00 plus postage

The Matilda Principle: Covert strategies for building positive teams in difficult environments, with negative people and stressful workloads

What our community is saying

Brad is recognised internationally as a master trainer in positive psychology and emotional intelligence.   His leadership workshops, blogs and coaching programs have helped people around the world and have established him as a thought leader in team building and positive workplace cultures.

BradDesmond | Emotional Intelligence
Seph Fontane Pennock

Brad’s training programs are highly engaging and fun.  He has provided professional development training to our extensive GP networks across Australia, training doctors in self-care and resilience development.  He has also supported our staff and management through periods of significant restructure and change.

BradDesmond | Emotional Intelligence
Martin Wilkinson
Director of Clinical Services
Outcome Health

I participated in the ‘Positive Psychology’ course.   This one-day course is relatable and practical for both work and personal life. Delivered with professionalism and a deep appreciation and understanding of the topic. I continue to apply the principles in my change management work.  Do yourself a favour and make time to complete this course.

BradDesmond | Emotional Intelligence
Francis Montalto
Senior Change Manager

Positive workplaces make all the difference

In positive workplaces people are happier, more engaged, and enjoy being part of a team.  In positive workplaces leaders, like sports coaches, know how to identify the unique strengths employees bring to their team, and build on them.  They also have the emotional intelligence to increase self-confidence, motivation and team commitment.

We specialise in helping leaders to…

Build positive teams
Increase trust and motivation
Build confidence, loyalty and performance
Support staff during change
Deal with ‘difficult personalities'

A positive workplace culture is too important to leave to chance.

Our Team

We are a team of psychologists and corporate trainers specialising in making work a better experience for people.

We also disseminate the latest research findings with monthly blogs and free tips to our subscriber community.